EMS Leadership LIVE!  Are you Ready for Change?
Feb 2, 3, 4, 2022.  All Live & Virtual.
Recruit. Retain. Engage.
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Who is this for?

If you are a leader of an organization and are committed to creating and sustain change, this is for you. We help training officers, executives, chief officers, and leaders with tools to optimize your recruitment and retention efforts through more effective leadership. Our change process helps people overcome common barriers that have been plaguing organizations for years, typically rooted in poor communication and firmly held beliefs. We invite you to invite your leadership team, your training officers, and those committed to creating a bold new future to join us for this three day LIVE event. 

Are you struggling with...?
EMS Needs A New Kind Of Leadership

Not leadership based on having a particular set of qualities or characteristics. Not leadership based on authority. EMS needs the kind of leadership that calls forth the natural creativity and enthusiasm of human beings; the kind of leadership that encourages participation and learning; the kind of leadership where people can be the best they can be and create a new future free from the constraints of the past.

There are many misconceptions as to why EMS is in the state it’s in. We have heard all types of reasons and explanations such as low pay, EMS is a stepping stone to other careers, entitlement of the younger generations, people don’t have time to volunteer anymore. We could go on and on.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Drucker
The fact is, it’s the culture of an organization that attracts or repels people. As business guru and organizational change expert Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” You can have the best strategies and take all sorts of actions; however if you have a terrible culture, your best efforts will fail.
AND take a guess as to what the # 1 influencer of an organization's culture is? It's Leadership!
Yup, the leadership of the organization. That is extremely good news. It means it is within your power as a leader to transform the culture you have into the culture you most want - one that attracts and retains high performing, engaged personnel. 

It’s within your power to create and maintain the culture and organization you most desire. 

When we discovered this we got super excited because we knew we could develop programs to help leaders to transform their culture and their organizations.
But First…
You Have To Be Willing To Transform Yourself.
According to Gallup, “People leave managers, not companies. One in two employees have left a job to get away from their manager.”[1] That’s a staggering statistic, especially in EMS where there is no requirement for leadership training in order to be in charge of an EMS organization.

Consider the results you have in your organization are outcomes of leadership, yours and your predecessors. To change those results it will require you to reexamine and call into question the ways of being and doing you currently have as well a willingness to to recreate who you are as a leader.

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    We'll be hosting a LIVE immersive event February 2, 3 & 4.
    Join the EMS Leadership Academy LIVE at this special event.
    Event details & what you'll get

    This event will be live and immersive, in fact it'll be better than sitting in a class AND none of the hassle of travel.

    You'll save over $700 off the ticket price, with no need to pay for airfare or hotels.

    This level of training can cost thousands of dollars for an agency to host.

    You'll redefine who you are as a leader, free from constraints of the past.

    You'll understand the keys to effective communication, and positively influencing others through a proven strategy the EMS Leadership Academy has been teaching for years.

    Live coaching opportunities to help you overcome barriers and difficult situations.

    Much more! Claim your discounted event ticket today.